Relive The Classics With This 13-Step Guide To NESBox On Xbox One

By now, you might have heard about the emulator that is currently accessible on Xbox One (at the time of this writing) through the Edge browser called NESBox.  You can play classic games from the NES, SNES, Genesis , Gameboy and Gameboy Advance systems.  I have put together a guide on how to access and play these classics on your Xbox One that you can check out below:

  1. You will want Google for ROMs that you can download.  I have posted a link here to help you get started.  Please note that ROMs are often a grey area between illegal and legal so we have chosen not to directly link to any.  Please try to support the developer and only download the ROM if you own the game.  The following ROM formats are the only ones supported: .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb;
  2. Unzip any of the ROMs that you downloaded because the emulator does not support zip files.
  3. Once unzipped, go to the following link: and login with your Xbox account because your Xbox account also comes with a OneDrive account.
  4. Upload any of the downloaded ROMs to OneDrive
  5. Now turn on your Xbox One and open up the Edge browser (AKA Internet) by going to “My Games & Apps” then to Apps and then select “Microsoft Edge”.img_0564
  6. Once the Microsoft Edge app has launched, press the “Change View” button on the Xbox One controller (looks like a box overlapping another box).  This will show the address bar.
  7. Once the address bar is open, go to the following link:  I recommending setting it to your homepage so whenever you open up Microsoft Edge it goes straight to it.
  8. Once the webpage has loaded, it should look similar to this unless the UI changes in a future update.  Click on the screen and then press A button to start.  This should open up OneDrive and allow you to grant access to your OneDrive account so that NESBox will be able to add the ROMs and save your games.  Once you have completed this step, and clicked on the screen, it should enable full screen.nesboxv4-1
  9.  Once you have completed the previous step, the UI should look similar to this, unless it changes in a future update.  (An updated picture will be added for version 4 soon).
  10. Select “Add Rom From OneDrive” with your controller.
  11. Once you have granted access, choose which ROM you would like to add.
  12. Once the ROM is loaded, it should auto-direct back to the emulator and show up in the ROMs library.
  13. Once loaded, click on the ROM that you would like to play.

Optional Steps:

  1. If you would like to custom map the buttons on your controller, then select “Setup Gamepad”
  2. You can select what buttons you would like to represent the controls from here.

Other tips:

  • If you run into an error, just refresh the page.
  • Use (A) to select item in menu and (B) to go back.
  • Press START+SELECT to show game menu (save/load/reset).
  • Select MENU > USE BROWSING CONTROLS to show browser cursor.

Current features of the NESBox:

  • supports NES, SNES, GENESIS, GAMEBOY and ADVANCE systems: .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb;
  • save/load game state;
  • local multiplayer (two controllers);
  • import roms from OneDrive;
  • local roms library;
  • Gamepad buttons mapping
  • save game state to OneDrive;


This guide is current as of December 16th, 2016.  If the emulator is updated, we will update this guide.

Upcoming Features in future updates:

  • Unknown


Q: Where does the emulator save the game in OneDrive?

A: The game states data is stored in ‘.nesbox’ folder on OneDrive now.

Known Issues With Emulator:

Q: Why does my game  library may disappear after closing browser?

A: This is because the Edge browser clears local storage when closed.  A fix is currently in the works.

Q: A ROM shows up under my OneDrive but it’s not listed on the emulator to upload?

A: The extension of the ROM on the OneDrive should be in lower case.  Try to rename .Gen to .gen for a work-around.  A fix is currently in the works.

Q: I have a thousand ROMs but only the ROMs listed from A to D show up, where are the rest?

A: Please try to use separate folders as a workaround as the emulator can only see so many at a time.

Q: My save is gone, where did it go?

A: Your save is only lost if you clear browser cache.  OneDrive save support has been added in V4.  The game states data is stored in ‘.nesbox’ folder on OneDrive now.

7 thoughts on “Relive The Classics With This 13-Step Guide To NESBox On Xbox One

  1. Nice guide, thanks. However, I have a problem. My onedrive has games in. I’ve accepted the onedrive connection from the Nesbox website. As soon as I select “open from onedrive’ it says the folder is empty. What am I doing wrong?

    ps: game extensions are lowercase. Should the game name be lower case as well? Its also already unzipped


  2. Does dropbox or other cloud services work? Or just onedrive? I have access to xbox but my roommate wont be bothered to let me use his drive… I wish there was a communal drive sans saves obv or some other kind of work around for my unique dilemma


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